We mount Solar Energy Systems to heat up Hot Water, Pool and to support

House Heating

solar schwerkraft

Gravity Systems do not need electricity to operate. The boiler is always higher than the collectors. Only in winter time, when there is no sun for a longer period, the built-in electrical element has to be switched on.

The solar energy system is a closed loop circuit. That means an antifreeze liquid is the primer heating media and is located inside the hydro frame of the collectors (1) and also inside the heat exchanger.

According to the thermosyfonic rule this liquid is being heated from the sun and carries the heat through the heat exchanger (2) to the domestic water located inside the stainless steel water tank (3).

In case of overheating of the primer heating media there is a relief valve.


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The boiler of a Forced System can be installed in any place of the house. The heat exchange between the collectors and the boiler is managed by a circulation pump. This kind of system is mainly used in central heating systems and if the boiler cannot/should not be mounted near the collectors.