The technology of the future

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It’s fascinating! Solar energy that reaches the Earth daily can satisfy 14 thousand times the planet’s needs for energy consumption. We are only just beginning to use this great potential: a simple, reliable, renewable and ecological way of transforming solar light directly into electric current by means of silicon cells.

With the considerable reduction of solar cell prices, solar energy has become accessible in many areas of our lives: calculators, clocks and road signs are just a few examples. Photovoltaic systems have many other advantages and present an increasing potential as an alternative to the daily supply of energy. 


Installations Connected to Mains Electricity Supply (Grid System)


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A photovoltaic installation connected to mains electricity supply is made up of interconnected solar modules which form the photovoltaic generator. There is also the frame, the cables, the inverter and the supply metre. The solar cells of the modules, mounted securely to the roof or the façade of a building, generate electric current from solar light. The electric current circulates all the way to the inverter through solar cables secured in air vents or empty spaces. Here, the continuous current is transformed into an alternate current of 230 volts.



   Isolated Installations


Where it is impossible to connect to mains electricity, photovoltaic installations are not only the cleanest alternative but also the most economic one in regard to independent power supply of mains electricity.

 Types of Systems

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There are three different types of systems: the first consists of a direct connection between power production and consumption. For example, in regard to ventilation. The second consists in storing generated energy in special solar accumulators to enable the use of energy during the night and during bad weather. The third is a system that offers the most comfortable solution. A system that, besides storing energy in accumulators, also supplies an alternate conventional current of 230 Volts.

In order to use your electrical appliances and other equipment with alternate current, the continuous current generated by photovoltaic modules must be transformed into alternate current. This function is performed by the inverter, in order to guarantee your own comfort. Ideal for dwellings used seasonally or situated far away from mains electricity.

By implementing the photovoltaic system, we develop solutions according to your needs.

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